Under the Raintree on Sunday, in the warm afterglow of summer, something beautiful happened. It wasn’t really a raintree – it was under a cherry tree that Allen Mendonca had planted a year ago to attract more birds to our courtyard.
It certainly did attract birds of the same feather which flocked to participate in the first of the artistic dialogues initiated by a not-for-profit forum, ‘Under the Raintree’.
Some of the most talented young actors in town, did a reading of a play-in-progress – Nine faces of being, Anita Nair’s own adaptation of her novel, Mistress.  A seasoned novelist, for her debut as a playwright, Anita wanted to hear the actors mouth her words and who better to take on the thespian responsibility than Arundhati Raja of ART.
In what had to be serendipity, this was just the time when we were conceptualising the creative canopy Under the Raintree. And so, after half a dozen rehearsals with the playwright sitting in to get an insight into the direction, the evening of April 11 brought together a coalition of the creative.
The interested audience, many of them actors, directors and writers along with avid theatregoers, sat with rapt attention as the actors deconstructed human expressions, and in the interactive session that followed, analysed the presentation. which was welcome feedback for the playwright.
Arundhati Raja and Anita Nair
Darius Sunawala and Sukita Aiyar
Sandhya Mendonca introduces Under the Raintree
 Sukita Aiyar, Abhijeet Shetty, Shiv Kumar, 
Meghna Mundkur, Harish Seshadri & Kartik Kumar

The rapt audience

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