The news is out and spreading like wild fire. The book about the world of news is now walking the pages of the dailies. Click on the links below to read what everyone has to say.

Sentinel House in the Hindu, Mid-Day, Deccan HeraldDeccan Chronicle

Sentinel House in Dainik Jagran, CityPlus, Gurgaon, the Pioneer, New Delhi

And a page from Indian Express, ‘Expresso’ supplement (Kochi edition) on December 22nd:

  • Read Sentinel House… every word of it… It took me almost a month… but I savored reading it and was thankful that I could have a daily dose of Allen Sir’s words (something that filled every day of mine, just a decade ago!). Sentinel House is a masterpiece! Deserves to be termed ‘Unputdownable!’
    Allen sir has proved yet again why he will remain unmatched as a writer, one who slaves words to do all that he wishes to do, like: depict an era in a mere sentence or two, draw ambiguous references to what will become obvious once you connect the all too visible dots… Interweave events that have been the past centuries milestones to the main plot in a manner that it feels like you are reading a fascinating history lesson.
    All this recounted in a manner that would make every historian wish he had Allen Sir's vision to see all that has passed by with astounding clarity and also ability to lay bare it's seemingly inscrutable elements.
    Am thrilled to find a mention of me in page 220 and 221… remember the day when he made me read it out on his home computer many many years ago… saying that he has molded the character on me! I consider this a true honor that I shall cherish all my life!
    I applaud Sandhya ma’am for publishing this book… a true tribute to Allen sir and wish Aditya all success, he will ever remind me of Allen sir! Am thankful to have had Allen sir as a mentor, guide and friend!
    Allen sir was only person who called me ‘Hey Kid!’ from the time he met me till the last conversation I had with him a few days before he bid goodbye to this world! Will miss his encouraging words always!
    Prakruthi N. Banwasi


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