One of the few good things that’s happened on poor battered MG Road is the Kannan building which has been rebuilt to retain the lovely colonial flavour of many old buildings that existed there until characterless concrete blocks came up. Many solid brands such as GK Vale, Lawrence & Mayo and Jamals are back at their old locations within this building. A most welcome addition is a newbie book store – Page Turners. Cosy and warm, it goes up two floors and tries to afford the quintessential Bangalore experience through the many books on its shelves and a compact performance space to boot.

Our books – Best of Bangalore, Best of Goa, Best of Chennai and Allen Mendonca’s seminal novel Sentinel House – adorn the shelves along with the works of other literary luminaries like Girish Karnad, Amitav Ghosh and a host of Penguin authors from across India.

We highly recommend browsing in Page Turners to book lovers – a store dedicated to books, books and more books – no tacky ‘novelty’ gift items and sundry merchandise here. Thank God and young entrepreneur Abishek Laxminarayan for this.