Metalheads across India are rejoicing as one of the world’s biggest bands steps onto our shores to unleash their award winning , in your face music onto Indian audiences. Meet the four horsemen – Metallica!

As Gurgaon finds its place in Metal heaven, Bangalore is impatiently awaiting its turn be a page in heavy metal history.

Winners of nine Grammys and three Billboard Music Awards, Metallica, who performed at the F1 Rocks concert in Gurgaon, two days before the debut Formula 1 Indian GP, will find delirious fans from Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Cochin and beyond who look set to outnumber the locals at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore.

Who would have imagined that the biggest thrash metal band in the history of noise would decide on a concert in India? Those who grew up listening to the band as it took over the metal world in the 80s until crossing over to the mainstream music world a decade later, are thrilled beyond belief at the opportunity to be at the live gig.


As part of the Sonisphere Festival, the monarchs of metal will take the stage before a crowd that’s been in a feverish state of excitement ever since word filtered through the grapevine that they’ll be doing their first-ever gig on Indian soil.

Their concerts are the stuff of legend – high-octane musical affairs that combine musical madness with brute force to provide an experience that lasts a lifetime.

“We have been planning this event for the last 10 months,” says Venkat Vardhan, managing director, DNA Networks, the event management agency that has brought Metallica down to play at the concert. “Logistically, organising a Metallica concert takes at least that much time because the band has extremely high standards.”

“Metallica insisted that every aspect of their uncompromisingly high standards be met to the last detail,” explains Vardhan. “They have flown in 36 tonnes of sound and light equipment for the show.”

There’s good reason for it too, because of the 19 million metal-hungry diehards who follow the band on Facebook, one million are from India.

After waiting for years, it’s time for all metal fans in India, to get together in a Mosh Pit and do some real head-banging. This will be the biggest concert in Indian Metal music history after the Iron Maiden shows.

Says the band, “At this stage in the game, there are very few places in the world that we have not dragged our gear and crew to , so that makes this show announcement extra special…..for the first time ever we will be visting India for two shows ! It’s about time, what do you say?”

Yes, Metallica, we can’t wait for the gods of metal to be here on our side of the world.

By Aditya Mendonca/ Raintree Media Features/
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