Shapes and Harmony in the news

Raintree Media’s art and music showcase ‘Shapes and Harmony’ caught the medias lens, featuring prominently in both print and TV. Headlines Today traced how Dr. Guido’s profession as a plastic surgeon influences his flawless and colourful depictions of the human form, and TV 9 covered the myriad facets of the show, from the paintings and music to the glitterati who attended the event.

Telecast Dates

Headlines Today: Aug 21 & 22

TV 9: Aug 20

Here’s what Bangalore’s leading English dailies had to say:

Deccan Herald Metro Life
August 23, 2007
Colours of art and music

“Raintree Media previewed an art show by three artists and launched a music album at The Park on Monday…Rohini Nilekani launched the album of songs by Ram Nagaraj, commending his talent.”
– Perin Ilavia

Bangalore Mirror
August 28, 2007
Artists Unite

“How often do you see a painter, plastic surgeon, animal lover and singer rub shoulders with each other? Shapes and Harmony, a celebration of art and music, brought them together”
– Vaishalli Chandra

Deccan Herald
August 28, 2007
Random trio

“Soumya Manjunath Chavan’s works are technically consummate and well composed.”
– Marta Jakimowicz

Indian Express
August 27, 2007
Painting ideas

“The paintings showcased the diverse moods of their (the painters’) artistic skills.”
– Yamini P.

Bangalore Times
August 30, 2007
All about music and colour

“…a hit with the arty cognoscenti.”

A photo of the event was carried in the Times of India on Aug 20, 2007.