Bounce Style Lounge takes the way you wear your hair to a whole new level with well-trained stylists who can work magic with a snip of their scissors and high-end hair products that keep your hair looking its best.

There is something about being on the threshold of a new year that calls out to you to try a new look and it can be as effortless as getting a brand new hairstyle. And as one of the leading salons in Bangalore that swears by its mantra, ‘what you wear starts with your hair’, Bounce was the way to go. Everyone else seemed to agree; the salon was a whirlwind of activity to the steady beat of music.

Started in 2005 on Lavelle Road by a brother and sister team – Vikram Mohan and Prarthana Mohan – Bounce specialises in hair and offers other beauty treatments too.

Vikram says, “Hairstyling is not just about cutting hair. It is also about knowing the client’s lifestyle, personality, hair texture and face structure. The hairstylist has to study all aspects and then decide on the exact requirement of the individual. Here, experience and expertise come together.”

That is exactly where I started – with a 15-minute consultation with Anjali, the Art Director. The stylists are categorised according to their experience and the Art Director is way up there in the ladder. The consultation does not necessarily give you what you want but leads you to a style that works best for you.

Anjali came with seven years’ experience and has studied the art (and science) of hair styling in India and overseas. She began by asking me about the length I wanted, how open I was to experiment with colour, and how much time I had to spend on my hair. I have fine hair, and the length was not doing much for me, and as I hardly have any time to spend styling my hair, she decided to give me a bob with layers.

After a wash, she chopped away my hair to chin length and with it the copper highlights I had earlier and which had grown out. The haircut was simple, flattering and low maintenance. The shorter length made my hair look fuller. 

Next came the colour, which when done right, adds to the wow factor of any hairstyle. The co-founder, Prarthana says, “It is not just a flat cut but also other factors like colouring, which gives a lot of movement and texture, and adds shine to the hair.”

Anjali decided to opt for placement colouring instead of highlights because she felt placement colouring, which is done on only one portion of the hair, would be more fun and unconventional. We agreed on red which works well on warm skin tones. She used Schwarzkopf Igora’s 100-88 (a red shade) and a smaller proportion of 100-99 (a violet shade). She said that Schwarzkopf was a great choice as they had a wide range of colours, the consistency was excellent, mixing and application was easy, and the results were accurate.

After 30 minutes, she washed off the product with Schwarzkopf’s BC Bonacure Colour Save Shampoo and Moisture-Kick Moisture Spray, a leave-in conditioner, which she recommended as it is light and water-based and does not weigh down my hair.

It was the time of revelation, off came the towel and voila! the colour looked fantastic! The colour and the bob came together beautifully – it made a statement albeit a subtle one. 

Anjali suggested I use Schwarzkopf’s Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Colour Spray Conditioner to keep my hair in top form. She said that hair colouring was safe as long as you get your basics right. It starts with choosing the right salon, and the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. How you apply the hair products can also make a big difference to how healthy your hair is.

Other services you could splurge on at Bounce are perming, straightening or you could try one of their fabulous manicures and pedicures.

Price (for the cut and colour): `3,500 approx.

Products used: Schwarzkopf Igora’s 100-88 and 100-99; Schwarzkopf’s BC Bonacure Colour Saver Shampoo and Moisture-Kick Moisture Spray Conditioner

Written for Hairsay magazine

By Anuradha Prasad/ Raintree Media Features/