Quite literally a house of treasures and quirky to boot, The Orange Bicycle woos the imaginative and the free-spirited.

Frangipani decked tresses, curious coquettish eyes, and orange cycles wheeling their way across – that is what stops you in your tracks as you pass by what would otherwise be an ordinary house in Indiranagar, a neighbourhood in Bangalore.

Stepping out of the bright glare of the afternoon into the cool store, you feel like Alice, transported to a whole new utterly, deliciously crazy realm, the beautifully crafted wonderland that The Orange Bicycle is. And for a moment you are that girl again, sunburnt cheeks with windblown hair careening wildly on an orange bicycle down a road flanked by golden fields, carefree and unrestrained.

The Orange Bicycle

It is a mixed bag of merchandise that has you squealing with delight as you dash from the über-cool bags and clutches to the coasters and mugs, and then again to the jewellery and paintings, and oh, the dresses and the wraps! Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn, Amitabh Bachchan and even a Mughal emperor or two peer out at you from cushion covers and bags. You can even take home a miniature bicycle.

Clutches at The Orange Bicycle

The store, which completes one year in November, was started by four women with an eye for the unusual. Gunjan Khaitan Shahbadi, one of the partners comes with a background in Marketing Communications. She talks about how they started out, by word of mouth. A few feelers were sent out to friends from NID and NIFT and before long, they had 70 suppliers!

The Orange Bicycle

 For a brand to make the cut and be sold at The Orange Bicycle, it has got to be quirky, unique, with a story behind it. There are clothes by Prink Tonic and Vani, jewellery by Sanchali and Sylver String, home décor by Kaji, Vineeta Nair and Soul Kitchen, accessories by Anek Designs, and furnishings by CCube, Raj Boori and Nir Home Studio. These are just a few of the 90 suppliers who are adding their colour and story to the store.

So why The Orange Bicycle? Shahbadi says, “We wanted a colour in our name that would signify our core competency. Orange fit the bill. It is fresh, tangy and young. And as for bicycle, we wanted to tell women to come and take a ride with us and discover happiness.”

The Orange Bicycle

Shahbadi adds, “The store is for a person with an aesthetic appeal; someone who wants to look different, make a style statement, loves experimenting with colours, and likes to try out new things.”

The store’s growing fan base have a lot to look forward to as the year draws to a close – more swoon-worthy merchandise that may include products under The Orange Bicycle label, and a new display to keep the orange-ness alive and to keep the wheels turning.

By Anuradha Prasad/ Raintree Media Features/ www.raintreemedia.com

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