Global Village Publications India announces the first edition of BEST OF INDIA, an elegant coffee table book which showcases the economic and cultural dynamism of India.

An international business atlas in a coffee table format, the BEST OF series of books are published by the GVP network in 35 countries. The books celebrate the success of renowned companies and are distributed across our global network.

The BEST OF INDIA is one of the most prestigious publishing projects ever undertaken in the country. It highlights the best in business and lifestyle and will map the remarkable success stories of brands through beautiful visuals and insightful articles.

BEST OF INDIA is a definitive guide to the region’s finest in tourism, leisure, hospitality, lifestyle, luxury and commerce. A business atlas as much as a vital coffee table presence, the book reaches top companies and opinion makers across the international network.

This elegant book is an ideal corporate gift and resourceful marketing collateral that showcases the major businesses and institutions of this region in their best light.

BEST OF INDIA is the ideal calling card for investors, tourists and the media, and is designed to create interest in any forum – trade fairs, road shows and international events.
In addition to the print edition, featured companies and institutions get enhanced Epresence via the ebook and gvpedia’s global directory of BEST companies in the world. (
Trade organisations like the WTC which are very active in Europe and Africa have partnered with GVP in the BEST OF books in their regions. GVP in South Africa is gearing up for the upcoming WTC sponsored Future Trade Africa Expo (please see link below).

GVPI is pursuing similar partnerships in India with prominent industry bodies.

GVPI invites you to join the elite list of companies who feature in the BEST OF INDIA and be the best among the best.

About Global Village Publications India

Global Village Publications India publishes the BEST OF books in India under license from Global Village Partnerships, Dubai. The company develops international business networks by celebrating the success of companies in 30 territories across the world.

GVPI has published three books in the series in India: BEST OF BANGALORE, BEST OF GOA and BEST OF CHENNAI. These books have been duly recognised as the perfect representation of the cities’ best names.

The BEST OF series in India

Praise for the BEST OF Series:


“Bangalore is about human capital. This book focuses attention on this very special city”, Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairperson & MD, Biocon

“BEST OF BANGALORE is an excellent book and captures very accurately what makes Bangalore unique – young, aspirational, meritocratic and truly the Intellectual Capital of India. This is an outstanding book”, Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Chairperson, Aadhar (Unique Identification Authority of India)

“The book’s a brand ambassador for the city”, India Today


“BEST OF GOA is enlightening and just what Goa needs”, Mr. Nick H Israel, GM, Taj Fort Aguada

“BEST OF GOA covers the nuances that give the state its exceptional quality”, Navhind Times

“Here we have a high-end book by a sensitive group of persons….it not only transmits the flavour of Goa to the reader but also eloquently expresses the richness of its culture and its society….” , The Herald


“BEST OF CHENNAI – Vol 1 captures the essence of the city through articles and photographs” , The Hindu

“This is something I would be happy to buy and distribute among my friends, especially when I travel overseas. It would be a nice way for my friends from overseas to get to know about my city Chennai.” Ramesh Krishnan, legendary tennis champion.

“The book looks very unique and shows some of the best pictures of Chennai all put together in one book”, Mr. Andrew Simkin, Consul General, US Consulate.

Nandan Nilekani, technocrat
Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat
Margaret Alva (L), Governor of Uttarakhand
Dr HR Bhardwaj, Governor of Karnataka