Raghu Dixit
Photo Credit:
Vinod Rai Sharma

The guest in Episode 17 guest stomps on the stage in a colourful lungi and ghungroos. Raghu Dixit intoxicates audiences with his music. The boy from Mysore is a global ambassador for Indian fusion music and is every Kannadiga’s favourite.

While he’s known for making happy, peppy music that you make, he also makes beautiful, wonderful and romantic music too, which is like a beautiful fragrance that lingers.

He transformed himself during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic- after struggling for years to lose weight, he’s dropped 25 kilos with the help of a trainer and rigorous exercise and diet. And a life coach has helped him deal with angst and adversity.

He talks about this, about standing up to cliques and lobbies in the film and music industries and offers advice to aspiring musicians.

Watch the full interview here or listen to it here.

Bonus: a special musical performance!