Sandhya Mendonca, MD, and Editor-in-Chief, Raintree Media said, “There is no place like home. I also find the greatest satisfaction when we publish books that showcase our city and our state to the world.”
Q: What is this book about?

A: Marvels of Karnataka & more explores the state like never before. It covers each of the four regions of this beautiful state: North, Central, South & Coastal. Packed with information about where to go, why to go, when to go, how to go, what to eat and what to buy, Marvels of Karnataka & more is a complete guide to this state. It is a must have book for locals and visitors alike. It is a useful book to pick up before a trip and a great souvenir to take back home.

Q: What inspired you to do this book?

A: In September 2013, Raintree Media published Karnataka –A Cultural Odyssey, a coffee table book commissioned by the Governor of Karnataka. The book was released to mark the President of India’s visit to the state, and it was one of the proudest moments for our organisation, not only because His Excellency had earlier entrusted us with the responsibility of publishing a coffee table book on the history of the Raj Bhavan, but this time around we had curated a book on the culture of the entire state. It was but a natural progression after that to publish Marvels of Karnataka & more.

Q: Tell us about the Marvels series?

A: This is the second book in the innovative Marvels series of Destination photobooks, which blends the aesthetics of a coffee table book with the handiness of a paperback travel guide. The first book in the series Marvels of Mysore & more had sold out, and is now in its second print run.

Q: Packaging a whole state is a huge task. How big is the book?

A: Not to worry, it is a very light paperback in a compact and easy-to-read format. It has 160 pages, with over 120 stunning photographs from acclaimed photographers including Dinesh Shukla and Asha Thadani. India’s leading fashion guru, Prasad Bidapa, has said “This book the perfect companion on a road trip through Karnataka.”

Marvels of Karnataka & more is available at your nearest bookstore and on SapnaOnline, Amazon & Flipkart. Ebook available at and soon on Kindle