We are unabashed fans of Namma Bengaluru. And of the Big Bang Theory. So when an opportunity came our way to do a book for the city’s science museum’s golden jubilee, we jumped at it.

The Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum bears the name of the most illustrious Kannadiga, an engineer and states person who has no parallel – a Renaissance man who built dams, schools and social clubs!

The VITM owes its birth to another visionary, BN Gupta, a journalist and editor of the respected and popular Kannada publication, Thayi Nadu. Supported by some of the city’s rich businessmen, he built the museum and when it was ready, handed it over to the central government.

While the Birlas had already given a building in Kolkata for a science museum, here in an admirable action, these worthy people of Bengaluru built a museum dedicated to Sir MV’s memory and left a legacy that lives long.

Thousands of students have been inspired by the visits and hobby club activities. Many older visitors have returned marvelling at the knowledge they gleaned.

Raintree Media is proud to have custom published ’50 Glorious Years (1964-2015) VITM Stands Tall’. This marks a first for us in the area of Science & Technology, a milestone in our 11 year history. Our book offers a walk through of the museum’s fascinating exhibits and displays. The print version is a limited edition but the ebook is available for free reading here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/563014

The next time you want to hang out with friends, check out the museum: the model of the Wright Brothers 1903 plane handcrafted in-house is a beautiful and technically piece. There’s a Kitty Hawk flight simulator too – which lets you experience flying Wilbur & Orville Wright’s epic flight in similar weather conditions! How’s that for cool?

A roaring dino, quizzes galore and surprises aplenty await in this museum. The only things absent are signs that say “Quiet” “Do not touch” as VITM encourages visitors to actively engage with exhibits – touch, do, experience.

We’ve practically lived in the museum the past few months and believe us, if you haven’t visited it for awhile, you will find many new attractions. And if you have never visited till now, well, what are you waiting for?