Let us help you express yourself - Raintree Media

Under the Raintree is a quiet, cool pasture of creative pleasure. Under the nurturing canopy of the Raintree, interactions are a sparkling composite of artistic expression and flair.

It is a place for writers, poets, painters, playwrights, graphic designers, photographers, and other artists to share their ideas, styles and techniques through personal interactions. Meetings are in informal and intimate settings that nourish the flowering of talent with critical appraisal and bonhomie of kindred spirits.We have produced 'Little Light' an acclaimed short film with original music by Ramana Gogula and the voice of Arundhati Nag. We write scripts, shoot and edit short films and documentaries.

Under the Raintree has facilitated:
*The dramatised reading of Anita Nair's play ‘Nine faces of being’ when it was a work-in-progress, directed by Arundhati Raja of ART.
* A variety entertainment progamme by Madras Players featuring Mithran Devanesan, PC Ramakrishna, Vishalam Ekambaram & Sharanya Nair.
* A mehfil of Hindustani classical music featuring vocalist Kumar Mardur and an interactive performance by tabla maestro Trilochan Kampli.
* Discussions on ‘Art & the City’ with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and UA Vasanth Rao, and a panel discussion on ‘Artistic Connections’ at the launch of ‘Vriksha – the life and times of SG Vasudev'.

Do visit www.raintreemedia.blogspot.in/ for updates.