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Allen Mendonca, Founder

(8.09.1960 - 28.09.2009)

Allen Mendonca co-founded Raintree Media in 2005 and was a Director.

Allen was one of Bangalore's best-loved journalists. In a career spanning over 25 years, he had written on diverse subjects - crime, political commentary, theatre, music and film reviews and travel features. He was most famous for his hard-hitting style of taking on errant powers-that-be in public life.

He started his career while in college, working for Southern Speaker, then moved to City Tab and Evening Herald, before joining Indian Express. This publication's crusading zeal was right up his alley and he soon gained a reputation for gutsy reporting.

He next joined the Times of India, Bangalore as Head of the Business Bureau before taking over as the Head of the Metro Bureau. His pithy column 'Metro Matters' took up cudgels for the travails of the city. His Sunday columns where he interviewed writers, artists and their ilk brought to splendid life his felicity with words. He was the Editor of Bangalore Times and was responsible for its remarkable growth in a short period.

Even after he became a media entrepreneur, he continued to write for several national and international magazines and books. He was simultaneously Editorial Director of Explocity group of multi-city publications.

His novel Sentinel House, about India's most powerful media house, was published by Raintree Media in December 2009 to much acclaim.

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