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Our team is versatile and derives its strength from its flexibility. Team members have multiple skills and are encouraged to take initiatives and think independently.

Sandhya Mendonca, Managing Director & Editor in Chief

A seasoned journalist who has worked with prestigious newspapers and magazines until she became a media entrepreneur, Sandhya exemplifies the convergence of skills needed for both roles that she plays in the company.

She is a post graduate in Political Science and has a PGD in Public Relations. Sandhya has offered media consultancy to corporates like the ITC WELCOMGROUP chain of hotels and has been a Visiting Faculty member with the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

She steers the editorial and sales teams with enthusiasm and a keen eye for detail. She specialises in incisive copy and creatives for diverse campaigns and publishing ventures. She has a yen for travel and her articles are sought by leading magazines and books.

>> Allen Mendonca - Founder